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A brave and playful dachshund goes to the beach every summer in Greece

Holidays in Greece are a dream for most people. And this cute dog has them every summer!

Spitas lives very well! This is a young dachshund who lives in Greece and vacations on the popular Greek islands.

People love him very much and make sure that he enjoys the sea and the sun and has a good time.

Spitas spends everything well and he is a great friend: he diligently barks when strangers are near his house, hunts birds and diligently buries all the bones he can in the rain.

He really wants to be a good dog and it shows in the video made by his people. This video shows how he enjoys his Greek holidays: he looks at people before he does anything and tries to please everyone!

He always makes them happy because he learns new tricks every day and plays with people with enthusiasm.

On the beautiful coast of Halkidiki, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, Spitas gets everything he really deserves!

He runs in the sun, swims in warm waters and jumps from boats, enjoys the summer.

And when he gets tired from all the games and swimming, he rests in the cool shade to recuperate, then hurries back to the beach again, because he is a very good boy and deserves as much sun and sea as he wants.

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