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9+ Cat Situations That Only Cat Owner Can Relate With

Cats are lovely creatures.

And while I absolutely adore them, even I have to admit that sometimes they can cause a lot of chaos. And as we all know cats can’t really be trained so you get what you see which is usually a lot of fun. Sometimes you might come home to your toilet paper all ripped apart or your basket tipped to the side but that is half the fun of having a cat roaming around your house. And when they choose to come close to you for a cuddle, that simple gesture makes it all worth it in my mind.

That is why today we are going to focus on the chaotic side of cats. I mean every cat has it. We have all seen pictures of cats sitting on cakes or getting stuck in a tree, only for them to get down easily when help arrives. Honestly, no matter how many problems they may cause us, it doesn’t make us love them any less. And that is because of their inherently adorable nature. You can see what I am talking about in full force if you just scroll below.

#1 When your cats don’t leave you alone for even one minute.



It is as if the cats are afraid that you will float off if you go to the toilet alone. Or maybe they just want to protect you. It is quite ironic though since cats usually hate water but will follow you to the bathroom and will get pissed off when some water splashes on them.

#2 Apparently cats only like their house when the door is on the topside.



#3 When you turn on the vacuum cleaner.



#4 He just wanted to leave an imprint for his family to remember him by when they are eating.



#5 When your cat doesn’t like sharing.



I just tried to hold my husband’s hand and my cat was not pleased about it.

#6 This kitty is clearly angry at her hooman for some reason.



#7 What is even happening in this picture and why?



I have seen cats getting into food cupboards but what reason does the cat have to go into the dishes cupboard. I hope the kitty is not trying to topple some mugs.

#8 A collage that perfectly represents cats.



#9 When your cat doesn’t like plants in the house.



#10 Nobody likes getting the taste of their own medicine.