80 Amish people pick up a home and move it with their bare hands

People working together with a common goal can always accomplish more than any one individual. This is only provided that everyone is truly working together and part of the team, however. If one person in your group is only in it for themselves, that can bring down an entire unit.


If, however, you and your teammates are all on the same page, there is little you can’t accomplish. Even moving a house becomes an achievable task when you have enough people working together.


Moving a house?

When most people say they are moving houses, they mean they are moving from one house to another. Sometimes, however, when Amish people say they are moving houses, they mean that quite literally. This can often mean actually picking up a house and moving it somewhere else.


Why not just use a machine for this?

Moving a house seems like an incredibly daunting task. Why would people just not choose to use heavy equipment and machinery for this purpose? Well, the Amish don’t do things that way. Amish people pick up and move houses all the time. If you moved a house with your own bare hands, you would likely brag about it every day for years. To the Amish, it’s not really that big a deal.


The Amish are traditional Christians from the Mennonite church.

They adhere to Ordnung, or order. While the rules differ somewhat from community to community, the Amish avoid using technology as much as possible. It’s a simpler life, one more focussed on family and chores and less on vanity and consumerism.


It is also a lifestyle that is more heavily focused on community and helping one another.

In most communities, if you need 80 people working together to get something done, that thing just doesn’t get done. In an Amish community, however, it is commonplace.

“80 Amish people picked up a house and moved it to a slab of cement. This took place in Spartansburg, PA. (Ministry to Amish: www.MapMinistry.org),” a description of the video reads.


There is a lot to love about this video featuring 80 people picking up and moving a house. Perhaps the most admirable thing showcased in the video, however, is the teamwork demonstrated by all involved.


Every single person involved in this project gave it their all.

It didn’t matter how close they were to the owner of the house and it certainly wasn’t the case that they were doing the work for monetary gain. They were moving the house because it was something needed in their community and they want to be helpful.


The Mission to Amish People YouTube channel has close to 2000 subscribers.

This video of the 80 people moving a house has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

“Mission to Amish People is a site dedicated to sharing information about ministries, services, testimonies, and opportunities to Amish and non-Amish (English) communities alike,” reads the organization’s website.


Many people who have viewed the video felt compelled to leave a comment.

“Heaven help us if they ever turn to crime. Imagine coming back from shopping and your entire house is gone,” joked one viewer.
“If the house skeleton weighs around 10,000 pounds that’s about 125 pounds per person… impressive,” wrote another.

“The Amish are master craftsmen, always help each other, always have someone that specializes in a certain skill and they trade those skills amongst each other. I learned that when I visited an Amish village in Indiana,” another viewer shared.

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