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6+ Times Adorable Animals Gave Us The Dose Of Much Needed Positivity

Animals are full of positivity and they love spreading it in the world.

Don’t you think animals are the cutest beings on this planet? We have never seen something as cute and as positive as animals. They can’t talk or communicate like us humans yet they spread positivity. They would see you sad and instantly find a way to uplift your mood. We have seen dogs providing therapy to sick patients, cats making people happy or other animals saving the lives of humans and there is just one thing we have come up with and that is their positivity. Nothing compares to them and this is the reason we have made a compilation of 20 adorable animals who are giving us an extra dose of positivity. Scroll down and enjoy.

1. “Everybody show there national animal. It is Markhor the national animal of Pakistan. Its also endangered.”


Can’t get enough of the beautiful horns.

2. “I took my cat to all my errands today and I think that’s just how I’m going to live my life from now on, crazy cat lady final form”




When you are obsessed with your cat, it’s hard you can go anywhere without her.

3. “My wife and I don’t have kids yet so we take our dog out to look at the lights. He absolutely loves it.”



Well, animals are also babies and need to be treated like babies.

4. When you are in love:




5. “50 pesos bill has been redesigned. Now it has an Axolotl”



6. “While I’m working on getting local help to catch the three kittens living under my front bush, I’m also working on not falling utterly in love with that face”




If you are falling in love with them, better adopt them because they have already chosen you.

7. She gave birth to a beautiful baby.



8. Amazon knew the cat would not leave the box.




9. Mom: Who did this?



Cat: Mom, I don’t know. I did not do it. Why are you even looking at me?

10. “My cat proudly showing me all of the stuff she carried up two stories into our room while we slept last night.”



No matter how old do they get, they refuse to leave your side. Animals are just like that. They are possessive about their human. Do you love animals? If you are given a chance to adopt any animal for free, which animal would you choose? Comment down to let us know!