5+ Times Our Pets Were More Clever Than We Initially Thought

Animals can be quite intelligent.

I don’t think we give enough appreciation to animals when it comes to their intelligence. If anyone has ever watched National Geography, then they know that many animal species are quite clever in certain areas. And the same can be said for cats and dogs. I mean who hasn’t seen cats acting all weak and hungry even though they’ve just had some food, just so they can get an extra treat? And we also see dogs sometimes basically stop walking when on a leash just so their hooman will pick them up.

All of that is to say that some animals can be quite clever and know just the right way to manipulate their owners into behaving the way they want. I am making this sound worse than it actually is. To be honest, they are so adorable, that we would do anything for them anyway. That is why today we have some pictures with accompanying stories of animals doing whatever they want and just generally being chaotic.

Scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy the chaos.

#1 This kitten clearly wants to be adopted by this person.



Say hello to my new friend. I met her on my evening jog and she won’t leave me alone.

#2 Tiggs is clearly the King of this house now judging by the way he is lying down.



Meet Tiggs. My wife adopted him as his previous owner abandoned him. And it seems like Tiggs has made himself feel quite at home on my bed.

#3 When your big dog wants to steal the bed of your small doggo.



We bought this bed for our little dog so she could sleep better. But our labrador claimed it for himself.

#4 There is nothing to say about this, the hooman has been caught.



#5 When your pet wants your attention, they just force you to pet them.



I mean, it clearly works.

#6 She knows that she has been caught red-handed.



I couldn’t find the puppy in the house or in the garden. I was already beginning to think that she had run away. But she was just cleaning out the kitchen cabinet.

#7 The cat is clearly not happy to see her food being eaten by someone else



#8 This is the only way your dog can stop you from leaving.


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