3-Week-Old Baby Stops Breathing After 2 Hours Car Journey – Mom Issues Warning To All Parents

Kristi Clark and her husband Christopher are sharing the story of what happened to their little girl after spending a certain amount of time in her car seat and it serves as a warning for other parents not to make the same mistake.

What looked like an ordinary day will end up with the Clark’s visiting the emergency room, and that’s something nobody expected. As they were running their errands, the parents and their two daughters spent some time driving in the car.

Any time they had to stop in order to make a purchase at the supermarket or another store they would get the three-week-old Harper out of the vehicle and take her with them. They, as parents, are perfectly aware that a baby or even a toddler shouldn’t be left alone in a car during hot summer days, for the consequences could be fatal.

However, the shopping trip lasted quite longer than they expected mainly because of the rush-hour traffic. They eventually spent 1 hour and 45 minutes getting home. As they arrived, the mother made sure her older daughter got to bed on time, so she rushed her to the bedroom, leaving the baby in the car seat for additional 15 minutes.

“When we got home it was way past Malena’s bedtime so we brought Harper in her car seat and she stayed in there for 15 minutes as we got Malena into bed. My husband got Harper out and put her on his knee but she looked like she couldn’t get comfy so he laid her down on her mat and she was kicking about.”

When Kristi took Harper out of the car seat and put her on the bed she noticed something that made her blood run cold. Her baby daughter’s lips turned blue and white foam was coming out of her nose and mouth. The baby was throwing her head back and it looked like she was having a seizure.

The parents immediately sought medical help and the baby spent the night at the hospital. After all the check-ups, the doctor informed them that the seizure was caused by Oxygen Deprivation as a result of spending too much time in the car seat.

Kristi and her husband were devastated knowing that the attack happened because of their ignorance. If they knew how spending that much time in the car seat would affect their daughter’s health they would have certainly avoided the unpleasant event.

Thinking of what had happened to their daughter, and that it could have been fatal, she realized there are other parents out there who are not aware of the dangers of spending time at the car seat for a prolonged amount of time.

She felt like she had to share the unpleasant event with the rest of the parents so they avoid doing the same mistake.

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