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27 Pups Are Being Flown In A Tiny Plane By Dog Lovers To Avoid Being Euthanized

After a – now viral – video showed them boarding a tiny plane with 27 pups, a group of dog enthusiasts are being hailed as heroes.

The cute canines were scheduled to be put down, but three people stepped in and saved them all in the greatest rescue effort we’ve seen in a long time!

Cassandra Bergeron, the lady in charge of the rescue, captured and uploaded the footage, which first surfaced on TikTok. The movie, which was shot a few weeks ago, depicts sights from the 45-minute rescue flight from Alabama to Florida.


The video description reads, “Guess how many pups we rescued?” Then there are a slew of joyful pups wagging their tails and snuggling with the heroes who saved them. On TikTok alone, the touching video has received over 13,5 million views.

“I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land,” Cassandra explained for DailyPaws. “I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.”


Cassandra received a call from a friend urging her to save the puppies, which enabled the life-saving rescue. Due of congestion in the shelter, they were going to be put down.

Cassandra and two of her friends rushed to save the lives of the innocent people, so they contacted Michael Young, a pilot and University of Central Florida professor. He was the appropriate person to contact since as a volunteer with Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights, he saved over 7,000 shelter pups.

After they all joined forces, 27 sweet puppies have been rescued from shelter in Enterprise, and taken by place, to several shelters in Orlando. Each and every puppy has been adopted since the rescue! During the rescue, Cassandra recorded several videos, each one more lovely than the other!


Thank you ladies. This is what real-life heroes do!