20 great photos from the Wild Comedy Awards that made us smile

The renowned Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have always been a great competition for photographers and for animals that are friendly in front of the camera. In this article we will show you the 20 most charismatic and the ones that have made us smile the most. Let us begin!



1. Is this about some kind of military training?



2. Watching from afar.



3. What the hell were you doing?


4. “Today I came across a rather strange angel.”


5. Can we talk about what happened yesterday?….

6. I also know how to take photos.



7. A fun furry dance.


8. Good morning world!


9. This could be the cover of a photo album.


10. Hello! How are you


11. The exit is there.


12. Cold breath is perfect for communication.



13. Yum yum.


14. Today has been a long day, I am exhausted.


15. Am I interrupting something?


16. Here we introduce you to the Ninja Squirrel!



17. A huge rhino wearing a tutu.


18. Stop there! you can’t go through here.


19. What did you say? Repeat it again.


20. Okay, forgive me …


The animal kingdom gives us many smiles, don’t you think? We invite you to share this gallery with your friends and family who love the animal world.

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