16-Year-Old Mom Of 2 Gets Real About How Being A Teenage Parent Changes Your Life

Getting through life as a teenager can be a challenging time. Getting through life as a teenage mom of two poses a whole host of other challenges.

That’s the reality of 16-year-old Ava King’s life. Ava is a mother of two, 18-month-old Jordan and 3-month-old Aveaya. She first got pregnant at 13 years old and attempted to hide it from her family.

That worked until the day her mom walked into her room with a pregnancy test and asked her to take it. Both were nervous and scared when the test came back positive, but her family stuck by her side and has helped Ava be the best mom she can be to her kids.

Still, Ava struggles from time to time with the realities of her situation. “Regular girls my age, they’ll babysit and they can give the kids back to their moms at the end of the day,” she shared.

“Well I can’t do that, I have these kids 24/7, and it’s really hard to adapt to that.”

Ava is trying to make her experience a positive one, not only by being a great mom to her kids but also by helping others who find themselves in her shoes. Through her YouTube channel, she shares her journey and helps others with tips, tricks, and support to get through parenting as a teen.

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