13+ places that shouldn’t have had any animals, but somehow they are

In case you haven’t noticed, animals are still non-conformists. They are not too interested in the rules of conduct that people try to impose on them. Well, only if dogs – they adore two-legged and are ready to obey them on a voluntary basis, and even then not always. And so all kinds of animals now and then confuse ordinary people, finding themselves in the most unexpected places and circumstances, because they are their own law. Here’s where animals can be found in our progressive times:


2. On the handles of the statue

Once living, villainous people do not squeeze.


3. Mishania loves playgrounds


True, after its appearance, for some reason they become empty.

4. Every cat considers himself a messiah

5. For all questions – to a good boy

6. “It’s okay guys, there are no cops in front, I ate them all.”

7. There is such a suspicion that all cats have announced a flash mob for a long time to be in the most unexpected places, we just don’t know about it

8. “He sat down here like a gentleman – foot to foot, so swing me!”

10. In a frying pan

11. Pelican asks the price at the grocery


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