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12+ Cat Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love With Cats Even If You’re A Dog Person

So many cats need a home.

I know a lot of people preach about how we need to save animals but that doesn’t make it any less true. There are a lot of homeless cats out there wandering the streets that don’t have food to eat and can’t help themselves. And I am not even mentioning the number of cats in shelters that are left behind just because they might look a bit unique or maybe older than what some people want. I am well aware that many of us cannot spend a lot of money taking care of a sick cat ut cats from shelters aren’t usually ill or anything of the sort.

And as I have always said, older kitties deserve the same amount of love as kittens, sometimes even more because they might be close to the end of their life. So that is why today, we have some adorable cat pictures with a few heartwarming stories thrown in. It just goes to show that cats are much greater than we all like to think and they deserve more than what we give them. So if you are a cat lover like me, you have come to the right place.

Just scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy.

#1 I understand why he got the name but to me, he looks a bit sleepy.



Frankie Sad Eyes. He’s trying to adjust to shelter life after losing his forever home at 13 years old. His goal is a quiet couch to snooze on.

#2 When your cat wants more treats but you refuse to give it to them.



Told Mango he couldnt have anymore treats. Came back downstairs 15 minutes later and he pretended to pass away. And he wouldn’t move at all until I walked over and poked his face. Hands down the most dramatic cat I’ve ever met.

#3 This kitty wants attention and her hooman is reading a book.



#4 I hope he gets healthy very soon.



My fiancé and I found this guy walking on the side of the road in 90 degree heat in the middle of nowhere. He’s covered in ticks and he’s VERY skinny. He isn’t chipped, so we’re going to try and get him healthy again and find him a home. His unofficial name is Stinky and he’s a very very sweet boy.

#5 This is Dexter and he looks to be in his element while wandering outside.



#6 Just look at those wide adorable eyes?



How can anybody say no when your cat looks at you with these eyes? I know I am unable to refuse treats when my cat gives me these big cute eyes no matter how much I know, I shouldn’t.

#7 Once a cat sleeps on something, it is recommended to never move them yourself.



#8 The foot is her pillow now and this person can’t do anything about it.



It is simply not allowed to move a cat when they have claimed its spot. I know that it is never a good idea and you might end up with a few scratches. Or even worse, they might never trust you again.

#9 This kitten was left by his mother but he found a new home.



#10 This is Sylvie and she is gorgeous.



#11 And right here we have a bobcat and yes, he belongs here.



#12 I absolutely adore the somewhat curly hair on this 17-year-old kitty.



#13 They are a family and they need to be together.



There’s a cat colony near my home. it’s been raining out and i found these two huddled under my deck giving birth together a few days ago. they won’t leave each other’s sides.

#14 This kitty clearly owns everyone in the house by the looks of it.



#15 This looks like Heaven to me.



Which one of these pictures is your utmost favorite? And do you have a cat? If so how did you come to have a loyal companion? We always love to hear from our readers and I personally would like to hear another heartwarming story. So just comment down below to let us know.