11 Stunning Pictures Of Unborn Animals In The Womb

We always get to see ultrasounds and 3D ultrasounds of human babies in the womb. But have you ever wondered what some animals look like before they are born? The earlier the ultrasound, the more alien like a baby can look when in the womb. I remember seeing the first pictures of my babies when I was pregnant and while you love them unconditionally no matter what, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what they’re going to look like when they finally decide to make their appearance. The The National Geographic has released a documentary entitled Extraordinary Animals in the Womb that showcases photographs of various animals insider their mother’s wombs. In order to do this, they used small cameras that are connected through a system of 4D-ultrasound scans. This really puts life into perspective. How beautiful!

1. A baby elephant.

2. Baby polar bears.

3. An infant snake.

4. Here is a dolphin in the womb.

5. This is an infant possum.

6. A ferocious baby tiger shark.

7. Here is a cute baby leopard.

8. The beginning stages of a lemon shark.

9. My favorite, a baby penguin.

10. This is a baby chihuahua. It probably won’t be much bigger than this.

11. And a baby horse. Look at the tiny hoofs.

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