10 of the craziest, wackiest and strangest people that can be found at Walmart

Everyone shops at Walmart. Thanks to its aggressive pricing, people from all walks of life flock to the store to get a good deal. And that often means some hilarious sights!

Sure, Whole Foods is great and all. But let’s face it, it’s expensive, and it offers far fewer people-watching opportunities than good old Walmart.

Walmart has tons of variety, and that’s not just the products. The people are so, so varied. These 15 people are truly the creme de la creme of Walmart shoppers:

1. At least she got to walk down the aisle

Aisle four to be precise. Are those cookies supposed to be the best man? On to the bakery for some cake!

2. Use the pork, Luke


It turns out that Darth Vader looks a lot less intimidating in his weekend clothes. I guess we all need some R and R now and then. Taking over the galaxy is Monday’s problem!

3. Anyone else feeling itchy all of a sudden?

It turns out that the phrase, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” means body hair. Who knew!? Is he looking for the shearers?

4. That cashier is going, “Not these two AGAIN!”


They must have some wacky adventures. And that’s just inside of Walmart. Does anyone else spy a reality TV show?

5. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Source: People of Walmart

This is way more comfortable than a mask. The only issue is when she tries to place anything in her cart. Back to the drawing board!

6. Life hack: baby harnesses can also be used for livestock

Source: Reddit – Teresapaitsel

Is it at all surprising that this image comes from Alabama? It kind of looks like the goat is whispering sweet nothings into the woman’s ear. What a nice day out!

7. Does he work for the CDC?

Source: People of Walmart

For all we know, this could be the next cutting edge piece of equipment in the fight against coronavirus. If it’s good enough for Santa, then it’s good enough for you. Those gloves also offer a layer of protection.

8. He’ll make a cracking good employee!

Source: Facebook – Fans of People of Walmart

Hopefully, he won’t be too cheeky to the manager. Get it? If he gets the job, he’ll be able to buy a belt and everything!

9. Did somebody say conga!?

Source: Facebook – Fans of People of Walmart

Maybe the whole store joined in?! This is what’s so great about kids. If there’s no fun, then they make their own fun!

10. Is she buying that?

Source: Prime Time Tal
Don’t take him down the poultry aisle. Also, was it Saint Patrick’s Day or does she always dress like that? Maybe the duck will only go out if she makes an effort to look Irish.

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